Yet another lock screen bypass method discovered in Samsung devices


Since lockscreen bypass methods are apparently what's hot right now, it's no surprise that yet another one has surfaced, this time targeting Samsung's Android phones powered by TouchWiz. A variant of another, earlier discovered method, this one does not fully unlock the phone by itself, but does provide access to apps and settings for a brief period (you must be quick). Given that, as demonstrated in the video by Terence Eden, it's possible to use Google Play to download an app to disable the locked screen and fully access the phone.



According to exploit founder, there are several ways to limit this issue on your phone. First one can be to disable all UI animations in TouchWiz settings. This will bring more responsivness to the UI and less lag between switching activities. Second one is to move from Samsung original firmware to AOSP version (Cyanogen for example), but then you will loose all the Samsung specific tweaks and addons.

Samsung is awared about this issue and as we know, the patch is in the works, so expect it soon (probably with the next software update for your device).




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