[VIDEO] CNET shows us Samsung’s history, talent for building tanks

Samsung has been a gigantic name in technology for yonks, but it’s fair to say that only in the last few years has the company really moved to the forefront of gadgeteering.

That’s thanks to the things it’s doing in the smart phone and tablet world, crafting compelling Android mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy S2, and laying claim to the first proper iPad competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung’s also spent the last few years making some decent laptops and extremely chic tellies, but building desirable, box-shaped consumer tech is only one facet of this enormous company.

Did you know, for example, that Samsung owns a theme park? You do now! And by the end of this sentence you’ll know that Samsung makes automated defence robots. Play the video to take a peek.

We’ll regale you with the origins of the South Korean company, and tell you what it made in the days before consumer tech.

Source: http://www.cnet.co.uk/

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