V3: Samsung bets Windows 8 devices will prove a hit with businesses

Samsung has heralded the arrival of Windows 8 as a key opportunity for it to repeat its success in the consumer market and steal control of the business computer and smartphone space.

Samsung UK vice president of IT, Graham Long, claimed that the arrival of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 was a unique opportunity to finally let the company offer businesses a complete portfolio of products.
“The launch of Windows 8 really provides us with that opportunity where we will have everything from a smartphone through to a tablet through the PC through to the all-in-one,” Long told V3.

“For us it provides a unique opportunity at the time of launch to go out to the market and showcase everything we have that’s available.”

Though Microsoft has had tablet and smartphone products in the past, it is now playing catch up to the likes of Apple, which has seen its iPad prove popular among executives in many organisations.
However, Long said that Microsoft’s strength in the business market has left IT professionals open to the idea of Windows-powered smartphones and tablets, despite the popularity of Apple devices.
“In discussions we’ve had with IT directors and chief information officers we’ve been able to tell them we’ll be able to provide a smartphone, a tablet, a PC and an all-in-one utilising the IT they’ve built their business on for the last 25 years,” Long told V3.

“What we’re seeing with the launch of Windows 8 is, from a computing and smartphone perspective, the ability to move into that space and have a competitive advantage.”

The upbeat stance comes in the week in which Microsoft is set to officially launch Windows 8 to market, with a raft of manufacturers lining up to offer products on the platform.

Samsung’s offerings include the Ativ S smartphone that will run on Windows Phone 8, which we had a chance to test out on Monday.

Samsung also unveiled several other Ativ series Windows 8 devices at IFA in Berlin earlier this year.
Check back with V3 later for full reviews of the devices in the future.

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