UPDATE: Two new dual-sim mobile phones from Samsung arrived!

Samsung new phone models will hit the market startin at January. A pair of dual-SIM phones are designed for everyone who wants to keep their work and private numbers separated, or using advantage of cheap internet in another carrier offer.

The Galaxy Y Duos got 3.14″ QVGA (243 x 320) touchscreen, HSDPA, 3mpx camera, microSD storage (up to 32GB) and an speed of 832MHz processor that runs Gingerbread with well known TouchWiz Lanucher. Second released model called Galaxy Y Pro Duos got smaller 2.6″ LQVGA TFT screen, and a physical keyboard is included below screen.

Both phone models will be available from January in Europe, Russia, Latin America, Asia, Africa and China.

As for now there is no word on pricing, but the low-end specs suggest the price may be fairly cheap.

UPDATE specs:

Photo sources: http://www.sammyhub.com

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