Tech Crunch: IDC: Samsung tablet market share grew to 9.6% in Q2 2012, shipments up by 117,6%

Overall tablet shipments continue to grow at a stronger pace than smartphones at the moment. IDC says that globally tablet shipments were up by 66% on the same quarter in 2011 (smartphone shipments grew by about 32%), and the largest players are outpacing that: Apple saw growth of 84%; Samsung saw growth of 118%; and Asus was up by 116%. Amazon only launched its tablet in Q4 2011 so has no comparative number.

After a a IDC “sluggish” Q1, IDC said that Amazon rebounded this quarter with estimated shipments of 1.3 million units, enough to give it a number-three ranking after Samsung’s 2.4 million sales worldwide, and putting it ahead of other companies that also sell globally, Asus and Acer — signs that seem to indicate that if Amazon had rolled out the tablet more widely, it might have made significant headway.


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