Business Wire: Worldwide smart connected device market, led by Samsung and Apple, grew 27.1% in the third quarter, according to IDC

The worldwide smart connected device market – a collective view of PCs, tablets, and smartphones – grew 27.1% year-over-year in the third quarter of 2012 (3Q12) reaching a record 303.6 million shipments valued at $140.4 billion dollars. Expectations for the holiday season quarter are that shipments will continue to reach record levels rising 19.2% over […]

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Gartner: Worldwide sales of mobile phones declined 3 percent in third quarter of 2012, Smartphone sales increased 47 percent

Worldwide sales of mobile phones to end users reached almost 428 million units in the third quarter of 2012, a 3.1 percent decline from the third quarter of 2011, according to Gartner, Inc. Smartphone sales accounted for 39.6 percent of total mobile phone sales, as smartphone sales increased 46.9 percent from the third quarter of […]

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Engadget: Samsung: 10 million Galaxy Notes have been sold, worldwide

Samsung’s got more reasons to celebrate today than just the release of its latest pen-friendly tablet — the company also let it be known that it has managed to sell 10 Million Galaxy Note devices, globally. The electronics giant also hit that milestone with its Galaxy S III handset a little under a month ago. […]

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Engadget: Gartner says worldwide sales of mobile phones declined 2.3 percent in second quarter of 2012

Gartner is reporting that worldwide mobile phone sales this quarter dropped 2.3 percent as buyers postponed upgrades and held out for the next big thing. Of the 419 million units sold in the last three months, Samsung, Nokia and Apple unsurprisingly took the lion’s share of the sales, while ZTE and LG rounded out the […]

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Samsung’s Galaxy S III reportedly notches nine million pre-orders worldwide

Wondering how the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S III is going? According to the Korea Economic Daily, an unnamed Samsung executive revealed that the followup to its previous fastest selling phone has already racked up nine million pre-orders around the world. That would put it nearly halfway to the 20 million Galaxy S II’s Samsung […]

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