phoneArena: Samsung Galaxy camera visits the FCC, packing HSPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

We got to look at some nice images of the different colors this Android powered camera may be wearing. Now the FCC is looking at the insides of what Samsung wants the camera to do, and it looks like AT&T will be the preferred carrier for this 16MP shooter if it makes it to market […]

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GT-B7810 another upcomming mil-level Samsung phone – everything we know about it

Sammobile guys posted about some new GT-B7810 device, that according to UAPROOF runs ARM11 processor with 480×360 display. Nothing new ,weve seen it at FCC Friday at Engadget: June 22, 2012 but hey news is news. Here is full info from Samung-Updates.com https://fjallfoss.fcc.gov – 06/15/2012 / https://www.bluetooth.org – June/26/2012 / http://certifications.wi-fi.org – July 20, 2012 […]

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Galaxy Note 10.1 / Wi-fi in Korea (SHW-M480K, SHW-M480S, SHW-M480W, SHW-M485W)

Awaiting the official device reveal we summed up the publicly aviable info regaarding Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi for Korea, as You always see other device names there, we decided to make small roundup of information on those devices to give You a little bit of info prior official launch. We do […]

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Updated: What do we know about GT-N8000, GT-N8005, GT-N8010 & GT-N8013,
where is Galaxy Note II ?

As Samsung disclosed to Reuters August 3rd, 2012 “the next Galaxy Note” will be unveiled at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 – Episode II. No word about Galaxy Note II, no clarification tablet or phone. So we decided to dig up and gather every information we could find. We have Galaxy Note 10.1 (

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