Vodafone Germany Samsung Omnia 7 ‘getting’ and AT&T Samsung Focus S almost getting WP Tango

Aside of Samsung Omnia W WP7.5 refresh that we spotted this sunday we can see more Tango rolling out for Samsung phones: Vodafone Germany Samsung Omnia 7 The update is for the first generation Samsung Omnia 7 smartphone. The first being a firmware update, with the follow-up presumably the Tango upgrade. Device changes reported are […]

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Vodafone to live-stream Samsung Galaxy S III launch

Vodafone will be broadcasting a “major new product launch” live on Thursday morning, from 9:50am — a time that just happens to coincide with a Samsung event that we’ve been invited to, where, we are told, we’ll be encouraged to “experience the latest innovation in technology”. Pardon us while we put two and two together. […]

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