FOSS PATENTS: Patent office tentatively invalidates Apple’s rubber-banding patent used in Samsung trial

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has good news for Samsung, and Samsung has already shared it with Judge Koh in a late-night filing. In a non-final Office action the USPTO has declared all 20 claims of Apple’s rubber-banding patent (U.S. Patent No, 7,469,381 invalid, including claim 19, which Apple successfully asserted against Samsung in […]

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Appleinsider: Judge denies Apple’s request to seal financial documents from Samsung trial

In an order handed down on Wednesday, Apple v. Samsung Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple’s motion to keep its financial particulars sealed, however the jurist agreed to a temporary stay on that ruling as it pertains to certain earnings and profits numbers pending federal court appeal. The order granted in part and denied in part […]

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FOSS PATENTS: Apple and Samsung drop additional claims against each other ahead of U.S. trial

On May 1 and May 7, Apple and Samsung had already dropped some claims against each other from their first California lawsuit (which is scheduled to go to trial on July 30). Further narrowing resulted from summary judgment: one Samsung patent got tossed. But all 12 of Samsung’s summary judgment requests were denied. Late on […]

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FOSS PATENTS: Court upholds sanctions (for now): Samsung cannot leverage workarounds at trial

Tuesday was not a good day for Samsung’s defense against Apple. A few hours after the Federal Circuit denied Samsung a rehearing regarding the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal in the Northern District of California entered an order that flatly denied a Samsung motion for “clarification” regarding its right to present workarounds […]

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