Samsung Taiwan releases magical “Sorry Potter” ad for Samsung Galaxy S4

A new commercial was posted online for the Samsung Galaxy S4 – this time from Samsung Taiwan. Instead of taking on one of its rivals, Taiwanese arm of the South Korean tech giant jumps into Harry Potter world of magic. In a commercial titled “Sorry Potter“, Samsung features a “magical” interaction with its flagship device and these […]

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Galaxy S II Plus hitting the shelves in Taiwan

The successor of original Samsung Galaxy S II, called Galaxy S II plus, mentioned earlier this year, started to hit the shelves in Taiwan.   Galaxy S II Plus is priced at TWD13,900 (something about $475) and the smartphone is offered in Blue color. However, the white color variant of the device is expected to […]

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Galaxy S III MINI spotted in Red, Black and Grey color options

  The Galaxy S III mini initially launched with the standard White and Blue color options (as it’s big brother Galaxy S III), but a leaked mini poster shows that three new color options will be added to it’s line next month in Taiwanese market.   The new colors are Red, Black and Grey, matching […]

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Samsung Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Ace 2 resurface, get proper launches in Singapore and Taiwan

Samsung has been quiet on the subject of its second-generation Galaxy Beam and the Galaxy Ace 2 ever since they showed together in Barcelona this February, but the two just reemerged as close buddies for an initial launch in East Asia. The Galaxy Beam receives the grandest introduction, as it’s coming to Singapore on July […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III: Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam – June 1st / Thailand, Indonesia – June 2nd

As announced by Tyler McGee, Vice President of Samsung Autralia on Samsung Galaxy S III World Tour: Australia, new Samsung’s flagship will be available at: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia – May 31st Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam – June 1st Thailand, Indonesia – June 2nd

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Samsung Galaxy S III (16GB and 32GB) officially priced in Taiwan less than in Europe

A few weeks ago, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S III, it didn’t say how much the smartphone would cost. Of course, various retailers – including British ones – have already unveiled their own prices. But there wasn’t any official word from Samsung on the matter. Not until now, when the South Korean company presented […]

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Samsung announces Galaxy Ace Plus in Taiwan

Samsung has announced their mid-range Galaxy Ace Plus phone for the Taiwanese market. The phone will be available from mid-April for a retail price of NT$9,500 or cheaper if you buy it on a contract and will be bundled with an exclusive wallpaper, some apps and an unique limited edition back cover. On the hardware […]

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