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Samsung releases kernel source code for T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus with ICS

After dropping source code for the Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (along with the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Tab 10.1) just last week, Samsung is once again providing eager developers with something to play with over the weekend, releasing kernel source code for T-Mobile’s variants of both the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.0 […]

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TMO News: New training docs correctly identify T-Mobile’s newest QWERTY device

You didn’t really think we could make up a crazy name like the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G did you? I wish we had, but — we didn’t and so there it is, in all it’s QWERTY glory. So here’s what we know for sure about the device: * 1.5GHz processor, still no word on […]

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Tmo News: Is this T-Mobile’s first Windows Phone 8 smartphone with LTE?

Windows Phone fans, now would be a really great time to pay attention as believe we’ve discovered T-Mobile’s first Windows Phone 8 device — with LTE. That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you as the user agent string indicates this device is running Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, which tells us this is running Microsoft’s […]

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SGH-T159 a flip-phone for T-Mobile

Samsung today revealed details of the T159, an entry-level flip phone for T-Mobile. According to Samsung’s web site, the T159 runs on the bada platform. Bada is Samsung’s Linux-based, home-grown smartphone platform, but the T159 uses a simple user interface overlay rather than the native bada one. Beyond bada, the T159 offers dual displays, a […]

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Tmo News: Galaxy Note support documents “appear” on T-Mobile’s website

Chalk up yet another piece of evidence for the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile as their support website lists some (still private) links for a Galaxy Note overview and support documents for the phablet. Unfortunately, these links require a login and without the proper credentials, we’re left to trying the links every few hours to find […]

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Tmo News: Samsung Galaxy Note accessories begin trickling into T-Mobile retail owned stores

It’s not always a perfect indicator of a device arriving soon, but the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note accessories into T-Mobile owned retail stores is a good sign. Accessories can often arrive weeks before a phone launches, although on the same hand they can arrive a day or two before launch. Is it possible that […]

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Tmo News: Samsung SGH-T699 coming to T-Mobile as Galaxy S Blaze Q

We’ve been eyeballing the “Samsung Apex Q” for August 15th for some time and now we’re able to connect some dots with T-Mobile’s next QWERTY device to hit store shelves. We’re now ready to call T-Mobile’s upcoming SGH-T699 handset, which we’ve already discovered hanging “in the wild” and receiving Wi-Fi certification as the Galaxy S […]

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Tmo News: New Samsung Galaxy series poster appears in T-Mobile stores, Galaxy Note pictured

At this point we’re past the stage of asking whether the Galaxy Note is still coming to T-Mobile having moved well into the “when will it arrive” phase. With the most recent rumors pointing to an early August launch, we’re continuing to see evidence of a planned T-Mobile launch thanks to this new Samsung Galaxy […]

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