Engadget: Verizon support blames Samsung for locked bootloader in Galaxy S III (updated)

Verizon cleared up its stance on locking the bootloaders in phones using its network earlier this year. In short: it encourages OEMs to do so, to keep its network humming along as Big Red feels it should. Well, it seems that VZW Support is telling a different story, as it’s laid blame for the Galaxy […]

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androidcentral: Verizon Galaxy S III user manual now available online

Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which recently started arriving at the homes of some who had pre-ordered and will be available in stores July 10th, now has its user manual available online. For many of you who know Android in-and-out, it may be repetitious, but it can be very valuable for all […]

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SCH-I535 (Galaxy S III Verizon) is locked! No unsigned boot.img or recovery.img can be flashed!

Verizon model is protected from flashing unsigned/modified boot.img and recovery.img. Which means there is no known root method as for now for SCH-I535. Stay tuned for more informations as we are doing research now. Rooted stock boot.img issue: Firmware update start.. boot.img NAND Write Start!! FAIL! (Auth) CWM Recovery.img flash issue: Firmware update start.. recovery.img […]

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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III (SCH-I535) Hits the Bluetooth SIG

A few Android faithful were questioning whether or not Verizon Wireless would be stocking the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve seen Verizon’s version of the device popup in benchmarks last week but still, some were doubting (or fearful). Well, hopefully this will cast a few of those doubts aside, as the SCH-1535 has just been green […]

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Dual-core Snapdragon S4 confirmed for Verizon Galaxy S III (SCH-I535)

Looks like people in the US willing to grab the upcoming Galaxy S III won’t be treated to its quad-core Exynos variant. Instead, latest evidence points to a dual-core Snapdragon S4 powering the Galaxy S III for Verizon. This is further confirmed by early NenaMark2 benchmarks, which show a Galaxy S III (SCH-I535) with a […]

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