Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 to have quad-core processor

Though it’s already been broadly assumed that Samsung’s “Next Galaxy” event in London early next month would be for the hotly anticipated Galaxy S II successor — the flagship phone in the Korean giant’s Android lineup — we’ve now been able to confirm it with a source close to the company. In other words, this […]

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Gizmondo Brasil shows Samsung Galaxy S3 in “generic test box”

The Verge has learned from a source familiar with Samsung’s plans that the latest images claiming to be of the long-rumored Galaxy S III — first posted by Gizmodo Brasil — are not correct. They are on the right track, though: Samsung is using what are described as “generic test boxes” to put the next […]

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ONE Samsung Galaxy S3 unit arrives in UK – good Apple-like advertising

The Samsung Galaxy S III is already in the UK, people familiar with the matter have told Pocket-lint. However, there is only one device and it’s heavily guarded. Note: It was already there on LTE tests but in changed casing. I guess now Samsung wants to draw even more attention and bump even more the […]

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[UPDATED] “Meet the next Galaxy” event in London – May 3rd

Apparently Eldar Murtazin knew it faster. Well, now it is official, the event will take place May 3rd in London. Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event will take place at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London. Whole event will start at 19h CET. There will be also live video stream from the event that if possible […]

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Leaked internal document mentioning Espresso tabs and Galaxy S3 … if not fake

Document itself is said to be some internal jazz regarding Smart TVs and compatibility with Smart View app. My theory is that those two Espresso 10 and Espresso 7 must be both Galaxy Tab 2 devices (my guess-got nothing to prove it), but have no idea why are they called this way. What is more […]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 with LTE tested by carriers in Deutschland

Like the picture? Yes, so insiders reports new Samsung device is tested as we speak by big carriers in Deutschland. New mobile is reported to use Samsung Galaxy S2 casing to hide new design, also is equipped with LTE module. We are looking forward to hear more abut those tests. From:

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