First firmware for Samsung HomeSync (GT-B9150) Leaks [Update: Its not a Samsung Q Phone]

  We of Samsung Updates proudly present latest Leak for upcoming GT-B9150 Samsung HomeSYnc (previously we tought that it may be the famous Galaxy Q). Device will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 5250 chipset, with two Cortex A15 cores at 1.7 GHz, quad-core Mali T604 GPU and a Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) display. The device is said to sport a […]

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Unwired View: New Samsung [email protected] GT-S3570 QWERTY phone spotted

Samsung is readying the launch of a new QWERTY phone that’s going to be part of the [email protected] series (without being a smartphone, like the Galaxy B5330). Called Samsung [email protected] S357 (or Samsung GT-S3570), the handset will be an affordable one. It doesn’t have 3G connectivity, but it comes with Wi-Fi. Other features include a […]

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TMO News: New training docs correctly identify T-Mobile’s newest QWERTY device

You didn’t really think we could make up a crazy name like the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G did you? I wish we had, but — we didn’t and so there it is, in all it’s QWERTY glory. So here’s what we know for sure about the device: * 1.5GHz processor, still no word on […]

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SAMMY Hub: Samsung Array (SPH-M390) QWERTY slider phone for Sprint

Samsung has listed Array (SPH-M390), a slider phone with full QWERTY keyboard for Sprint on their website. The phone is a rebadged version of Virgin Mobile’s Montage and comes with a similar feature set like 480MHz Qualcomm processor, 2MP camera, music player, Bluetooth, microSD card slot and 1000mAh battery. There’s no word on the price […]

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Samsung Free form 4 by U.S Cellular (SCH-R390) QWERTY cell phone

With the Samsung Freeform® 4, family and friends are always as close as your phone. You can talk and text, of course – it’s especially easy with the user-friendly QWERTY keyboard and messaging shortcut keys. You can also keep up with your social circle by checking your Twitter® feed, updating your Facebook® status or posting […]

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Samsung GT-B5330 – 4.0.4 ICS, QWERTY keyboard, 4GB internal memory

It seems Samsung is looking to roll out low and mid-range devices running Android 4.0.4 OS. The GT-B5330, apparently, will be one of the first affordably priced handset from Samsung to run Android 4.0.4. While the Chinese certification doesn’t reveal much except the phone’s physical QWERTY keyboard, 3G support and a display supporting a resolution […]

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TmoNews: Future QWERTY T-Mobile Samsung smartphone found (SGH-T699)

Still wondering about that upcoming SGH-T699 Samsung smartphone headed to T-Mobile? Well, wonder no more! First, let’s back pedal for a moment and talk about our earlier speculation that this could be the Galaxy Nexus, a hypothesis that may have been based as much on facts as hopes and dreams. Clearly, we wanted this to […]

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