Snapdragon 600 powered Samsung Galaxy Note II goes official in China

  The Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 powered Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7108D) that we saw signs of in leaks is now official. Old-New Galaxy Note 2 was announced today and will be available soon at China Mobile – largest mobile operator in China. The new Samsung Galaxy Note II looks identical to older brother, instead of […]

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 to power most of the first Galaxy S4 batch

Latest rumors and reports suggest that Samsung will use Snapdragon 600 chips in 70% of the first Galaxy S4 batch. This was already confirmed by the leaked list showing the availability of the two Galaxy S4 versions around the globe. In case you didnt got the info yet, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be sold in two […]

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ABI Research Teardown: Samsung drops Qualcomm for own chipset in Galaxy S III E210s – the start of a platform war ?

The Galaxy SIII E210s was released in Korea recently and with its launch, Samsung sent a message to the chipset giant Qualcomm by dropping the Qualcomm modem in favor of its home grown solution. Samsung has historically been known for its high-end application processors that appear in a number of its smartphones but the modem […]

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EE Times: Qualcomm signs UMC, Samsung for 28-nm chips, says report

Mobile processor supplier Qualcomm Inc. has signed up foundry United Microelectronics Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. as suppliers of 28-nm chips, according to a Taiwan Economic News report. The move will help Qualcomm (San Diego, Calif.) cope with tight supply situation at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Hsinchu, Taiwan), Qualcomm’s main foundry. UMC (Hsinchu, […]

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Watch out Apple: Samsung, Qualcomm positioned to dominate LTE patent wars

Although most smartphone patent disputes so far have revolved around mobile operating systems, you can expect a lot more suits to focus on LTE technologies in coming months. A report released Thursday by iRunway, a research firm that specializes in technology patent portfolios and litigation analysis, has found that Samsung and Qualcomm are far and […]

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Qualcomm and Samsung join forces to form Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP)

What happens when some of the world’s leading electronics companies get together to promote a wireless power standard? So far, not much. Over 100 companies joined up to form the Wireless Power Consortium and promote a universal standard called Qi, but it has failed to take off. A handful of Verizon phones actually support the […]

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