Galaxy Note II From AT&T Gets Minor OTA Update To Version MA4. Exynos Exploit Patched.

AT&T’s version of the Galaxy Note II is receiving a minor software update trough OTA this afternoon, probably fixing the Exynos chipset exploit discovered in December. Published software version is I317UCAMA4, and the update is 8.45MB in size. AT&T refers to the changes as a “chipset security enhancement,” so it’s pretty clear that the Exynos exploit […]

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AT&T OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Note II With Multi-Window Feature to be pushed Today!

  All the United states Carriers with the Samsung Galaxy Note II in offer have already obtained the multi-window feature for their devices. The one and lonely was AT&T customers. This is going to change today with over-the-air update from carrier. Multi-window functionality is the ability to place two supported applications side-by-side (or one on […]

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GT-I9300 OTA for BTU region – I9300XXBLH4 (Jelly Bean 4.1.1) OTA

Courtesy of almighty Samsung-Updates.com We provide OTA update for Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) – BTU region to the I9300XXBLH4 (Jelly Bean 4.1.1). Lets start with simple flash instructions as many got tricked: 1) Install GT-I9300_BTU_I9300XXBLG8_Android_4_0_4 This is I9300XXBLG8/I9300OXABLG8/I9300XXLH1/I9300XXBLG8 version. or the GT-I9300_BTU_I9300XXBLG8_Android_4_0_4 I9300XXBLG8/I9300OXABLG8/I9300XXLG8/I9300XXBLG8 version. There is a confusion on which one of those two our […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III gets an OTA update (UK)

It seems Samsung has released the first ever software update for the Galaxy S III in UK. In fact there are two over-the-air (OTA) updates that claim to “improve stability”. The first update is under 32MB whereas the second is 16MB with the build version reaching I9300BUALF1. Galaxy S III users should receive a notification […]

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