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FOSS PATENTS: The most important Apple-Samsung decision left for Judge Koh: running royalties, not past damages

On Monday, Judge Koh denied Apple a permanent injunction against Samsung over the patents the jury had found infringed, but that does not mean that Samsung is free to infringe. Apart from the fact that I believe Apple will ultimately win some injunction on appeal (because patents are exclusionary rights under the Constitution and if […]

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FOSS PATENTS: Judge Koh declines to rule on Apple’s FRAND defenses against Samsung for lack of a need

Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over two Apple v. Samsung lawsuits in the Northern District of California, has just issued her first ruling on issues raised at the post-trial hearing held a week ago (on December 6, 2012). It isn’t even a ruling in a narrow sense: the order just explains that the court […]

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The Wall Street Journal: Apple, Samsung Back in Court

Companies Battle Over $1.05 Billion Damages From Patent Trial’s August Verdict

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Samsung wins remand of Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban to Judge Koh’s court

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit just granted Samsung’s motion for a limited remand of its appeal of the design-patent-based preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple had opposed this request. This means that Judge Koh will now have to weigh the harm Samsung is allegedly suffering from further enforcement […]

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Phonearena: Here’s what instructions Judge Koh gave to Apple v. Samsung jurors

Judge Lucy Koh who’s presiding the Apple v. Samsung case has sent out a document to the nine selected jurors, explaining them the rules of the case, and giving them guidance as to how they should react to what’s happening in the court in order to be able to reach the right verdict. The document […]

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Judge Koh deals next blow to Samsung, denies all 12 of its summary judgment requests

On Saturday, Judge Koh denied the entirety of a comprehensive summary judgment motion that Samsung brought in May. Samsung attacked the validity of each and every one of the intellectual property rights asserted by Apple at this stage as well as Apple’s FRAND-related antitrust claims, and failed all the way. It is very unusual for […]

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Electronista: Judge Koh restricts Apple vs. Samsung arguments, exhibits

Rules have been established in the latest round of Apple and Samsung’s patent skirmish by Judge Lucy Koh of the US District Court for the Northern District of California during Thursday’s hearings. In addition to agreeing to drop some claims to simplify the case, each side is limited to 25 hours of arguments and 125 […]

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