Patent Bolt: Samsung invents air-gesturing controls for tablets & beyond

A recently published Samsung patent application has revealed a new air-gesturing invention that could supplement or eliminate the need to actually touch a display in order to control its functionality. When using Samsung’s air-gesturing techniques in conjunction with a Samsung HDTV, for example, the idea is to simply eliminate the need for a physical remote […]

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Patent Bolt: Samsung invents crazy roly-poly mobile docking device

The US Patent & Trademark Office recently published a Samsung patent revealing a crazy roly-poly mobile docking device that is designed to stand a smartphone or mini tablet at various angles to suit a user’s eyes for viewing photos, managing email or viewing a movie or television show comfortably. Samsung’s Invents a Roly-Poly Mobile Docking […]

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Patent Bolt: Samsung invents managing content system similar to Apple’s

One of Samsung’s latest patent applications has come to light and presents us with an invention that generally relates to a method for managing content between devices such an MP3 player and a Smartphone. Although the inspiration for this new feature appears to have come from Apple’s methodology for syncing apps – I’m sure that […]

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Patent Bolt: Samsung invents new ways of handling folders on Android

In order to get around Apple’s methodology of handling folders on Android, Samsung has devised a number of interesting new twists that will allow users to quickly scroll through folder items. Another idea will allow a user to build mini stacks of apps or subfolders that are easier to manage quickly. A little competition has […]

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