Atom Bay Trail Powered tablet prototype Ships to Samsung Test Center


As we have spotted today, Samsung started testing a new tablet devices based on Intel Bay Trail technology, as the Zauba shipping documents seems to suggest. A prototype tablet holds reference number of FTXI02W0000026 (which is common to Bay Trail Devices, not only by Samsung). Date HS Code Description Quantity 12-Aug-2013 84713090 (FOC ITEM) FTXI02W0000026 SAMSUNG […]

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EE|Times: International Solid-State Circuits Conference – Samsung big.little, but no Intel, Nvidia CPUs


Samsung will describe the first mobile applications processor to use ARM’s big.little concept at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in February. That’s one of only a few major new microprocessor disclosures at the semiconductor industry’s premier conference where Intel’s Haswell and Nvidia’s Project Denver parts are noticeably absent. However, both Intel and Nvidia will deliver […]

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Digi Times: Samsung follows Intel, TSMC to invest in ASML

ASML's logo is seen on the day of the presentation of the 2011 fourth quarter and annual results in Veldhoven

ASML announced August 27 that Samsung Electronics has committed to contribute EUR276 million (US$346 million) to its R&D of next generation lithography technologies over five years as a move to join the fab-tool supplier’s customer co-investment program. ASML revealed that its target for aggregate R&D funding commitments of EUR1.38 billion has now been met. Samsung […]

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Reuters: Analysis: Smart logic: Samsung chips away at Intel lead

Students walk out of a showroom at the headquarters of Samsung Electronics in Seoul

Samsung Electronics, already a world leader in TVs and smartphones, is taking the fight to Intel Corp for the No.1 slot in semiconductors, betting on strong growth in so-called logic chips that are the brains inside today’s fast-selling smart mobile devices. Intel dominates the market for computer processors (CPUs) – its Intel Inside sticker is […]

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Samsung, Intel backed Tizen OS will run Android apps


One of the biggest problems that any new mobile platform suffers is the application ecosystem – users are looking for apps but developers are not interested in developing apps till the platform reaches a critical installed base. It is a typical Catch 22 situation. RIM tried to sort it out with its PlayBook by offering […]

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Live + Keynotes for Tizen Developer Conference – LIVE STREAM


Starts at 9:30am PST … that is in 5 minutes :) We will try to deliver links to full video coverage from the conference asap … And here is agenda of the conference…

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