The Verge: Samsung Nexus 10 manual surfaces ahead of Google announcement


Google is rumored to be launching at least one new Nexus phone and tablet on Monday, including a Samsung-built tablet codenamed “Manta.” Now, a pair of images have surfaced on Korean site Seeko, showing what looks like a manual for a Samsung Nexus 10. There’s not much information available on the pages posted, but the […]

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c|net: Samsung/Google 10-inch tablet would push display tech envelope


The Nexus 7 currently has a display with a 216 PPI. That would jump to about 300 with a 10-inch Nexus tablet. Web giant’s tablet partnership with Samsung could muscle in on Apple’s technological leadership turf. Google’s tablet partnership with Samsung could yield some cutting-edge component tech, not the least of which is the pixel-packing […]

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Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung and others meet with UN’s ITU for patent peace talks


The world’s biggest tech companies are meeting today for a Patent Roundtable with the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union to “assess the effectiveness of RAND (reasonable and non-discriminatory) – based patent policies.” The meeting will take place at the ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland; and according to several reports, it will include Apple, Samsung, Nokia, […]

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c|net: Google to co-brand 10-inch Nexus tablet with Samsung


A Google Nexus 10-inch class tablet is in the works, CNET has learned. The 10.1-inch tablet will boast a pixel density that is higher than Apple’s third-generation iPad, said Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch. The 2,560×1,600 display will have a PPI (pixels per inch) of about 299, said Shim. That tops the 264 […]

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Apple Insider: Google, HTC, Samsung reportedly joining Apple in effort to buy Kodak patents


Apple is seeking to buy up Kodak patents, reportedly as part of a consortium that includes Google and various Android licensees, all of whom would benefit from keeping the firm’s imaging rights out of the hands of patent trolls. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Kodak hoped to earn $2.2 to $2.6 […]

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c|net: How Google’s stealth support is buoying Samsung in Apple fight


Google may have kept a low profile amid the legal clashing between Samsung Electronics and Apple, but the company hasn’t abandoned its Android partners. Rather, Google has been quietly lending support, coordinating with Samsung over legal strategies, providing advice, doing extra legwork, and searching for prior evidence, CNET has learned from people familiar with the […]

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ABC News: Google confirms Galaxy Nexus sales stopped in Apple-Samsung case, fix coming next week


While Apple and Samsung’s phones and tablets battle it out on store shelves, the companies (and Google) have been battling it out in the courtroom in ongoing patent disputes. Apple has accused Samsung and Google with its Android software of copying the workings of its iPhones and iPads. Earlier this week the dispute came to […]

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The Verge: Google hopes to escape Galaxy Nexus sales ban with OTA software patch


Last Friday Apple was granted a preliminary injunction on sales of the Galaxy Nexus in the United States, over alleged patent infringement. Samsung just lost its bid to stay the injunction, but that may not matter: Google and Samsung have a patch readied to address the issue that could be rolling out over the air […]

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