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Android Police: Is a Black version of the Galaxy S III on the way?

We’ve received some interesting information from an insider at Carphone Warehouse suggesting that a black version of Samsung’s Galaxy S III is in the works, and we’re inclined to trust it. Here’s our evidence, from the company’s internal product database: Given this new leak from Carphone Warehouse, we’re starting to think it’s the former. When […]

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TmoNews: Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q (SGH-T699) press shot hints at release date

Hi there Galaxy S Blaze Q press shot and thanks for bringing us an image with a date of August 15th, which just so happens to be the date we’ve called for the release of said device. It tends to become a pattern with both HTC and Samsung hinting at release or announcement dates with […]

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Tmo News: Samsung SGH-T699 coming to T-Mobile as Galaxy S Blaze Q

We’ve been eyeballing the “Samsung Apex Q” for August 15th for some time and now we’re able to connect some dots with T-Mobile’s next QWERTY device to hit store shelves. We’re now ready to call T-Mobile’s upcoming SGH-T699 handset, which we’ve already discovered hanging “in the wild” and receiving Wi-Fi certification as the Galaxy S […]

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[UPDATE] Value Pack Update starting to roll out for Galaxy S/K/U – South Korea and Europe

As promised by Samsung at the end of 2011 here comes the Vale Pack Update for first generation of Galaxy devices (or at least some). The system update to compensate to users lack of ICS update for what is i think most popular Samsung smartphone today, witch sold in over 30 million units world wide. […]

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