The Inquirer: Samsung releases Exynos 5 ARM Cortex A15 development board

CHIPMAKER Samsung has released a dual-core ARM A15 based Arndale board sporting a quad-core Mali GPU. Samsung’s development boards hint at where the firm will be going in terms of tablet hardware in the future and the Arndale board suggests that the company is looking to pack considerable graphics power into its future designs. The […]

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Boeing and Samsung Electronics to explore joint technology research and development

Boeing and Samsung Electronics announced that they will explore working together to research and develop technologies that improve in-flight entertainment and communications, as well as enhance factory productivity. A signed memorandum of understanding between the world’s largest aerospace company and the global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies will help broaden and deepen […]

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SAMSUNG TOMORROW: Stuffing all that into… just this?! Part II of SGS III story …

In the previous post, we had a chat with some of the GALAXY S III developers about confidentiality issues surrounding the development of the phone. Today, we will be talking with some of the project’s engineers about some of the challenges they faced fitting all of Samsung’s latest features into such a small and thin […]

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