FOSS PATENTS: Judge denies Apple permanent injunction, throws out Samsung’s jury misconduct claims

Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over the Apple v. Samsung litigation in the Northern District of California, just entered two important post-trial orders. Within minutes of each other, the first order denied Apple a permanent injunction against Samsung despite a multiplicity of infringement findings by a federal jury in August and the second […]

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c|net: Apple denies Samsung’s claim that it withheld juror info

Since losing a $1 billion patent-infringement judgment to Apple Samsung has accused the jury foreman of withholding important information and suggested Apple knew about it. Apple now says the claims are bunk. Samsung is trying to raise doubts about a $1 billion jury verdict that found the company violated Apple’s patents, but some of Samsung’s […]

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Appleinsider: Judge denies Apple’s request to seal financial documents from Samsung trial

In an order handed down on Wednesday, Apple v. Samsung Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple’s motion to keep its financial particulars sealed, however the jurist agreed to a temporary stay on that ruling as it pertains to certain earnings and profits numbers pending federal court appeal. The order granted in part and denied in part […]

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Techradar: Samsung denies BlackBerry 10 licensing rumors, despite analysts’ claims

Rumors of a partnership between Samsung and Research in Motion (RIM) to license the BlackBerry 10 OS on Samsung phones just won’t quit. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reportedly told investors Wednesday that the two companies are likely in talks, or are planning discussions at the very least. And Recon Analytics analyst Roger Entner told TechRadar […]

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Federal Circuit denies immediate stay of Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction, no Nexus decision yet

[Update] Samsung subsequently won a temporary stay of the Galaxy Nexus ban. [/Update] Samsung appealed both of last week’s preliminary injunctions (the one against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the one against the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, which the Korean company co-developed with Google) to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Simultaneously […]

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Samsung denies staging “Wake Up” anti-Apple flashmob

Samsung has denied any involvement with the “Wake Up” flashmob staged outside an Apple Store in Australia, despite suggestions that it was an escalation of the company’s anti-iPhone campaign. Reported earlier this week, the flashmob saw dozens of black-clad men and women holding “Wake Up” signs converge outside of the Sydney Apple Store. However, ”Samsung […]

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