SAMSUNG TOMORROW: George Craig stars in wireless audio with dock video

George Craig is a lead singer of British band “One Night Only” and model for Burberry. One Night Only is a British indie rock band and released famous singles like “You&me” (2007), “Just For Tonight” (2008) and “Say You Don’t Want It” (2010, M/V featuring Emma Watson). Starring George Craig, the video follows Craig as […]

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Pocket-lint: Samsung DA-E750 dock pictures and ears-on, again

The Samsung DA-E750 is a premium dock from the Korean company that sees a move from what you’d typically associate with Samsung. It was announced at CES 2012 and we’ve seen it previously, but we now have a price for it too, so thought we’d take a second look. We caught up with the DA-E750 […]

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Samsung kicks off wireless audio with dock featuring vacuum tube technology (DA-E750)

Samsung Electronics launched a new line of premium wireless Audio with Dock in Korea. It offers natural and harmonious sound qualities by incorporating vacuum tube amplifier technology. A first-class wireless Audio with Dock, the DA-E750 is the world’s first dual-docking system for the premium audiophile that supports both Samsung GALAXY devices and Apple iOS devices […]

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