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pocketdroid: Samsung GT-i8262 Leaks on Bluetooth SIG

Samsung has always had a rich arsenal of devices, ranging from the entry level right to the top of the line. One of the most recent Samsung smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, a true mid-ranger. Now it looks like Samsung prepares another mid-end smartphone to accompany the Galaxy S3 Mini. We spotted it […]

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Softpedia: Samsung SCH-I925 (Verizon’s Galaxy Note 10.1) spotted at Bluetooth SIG

Samsung’s SCH-I925 device, which appears to be none other than the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet PC, has been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG, where it received the necessary approvals with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities packed inside. Rumor has it that the mobile phone might arrive on shelves at the wireless carrier with support for LTE connectivity […]

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Sprint’s Galaxy S III (SPHD710) also confirmed by Bluetooth SIG, that makes four out of four US Carriers

Mere hours ago, we got confirmation that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) approved a Verizon-bound version of the SGSIII. Now, we’re seeing a similar listing for what is likely a Sprint variant of the Galaxy S III. The device appears in SIG’s listing with the model number SPH-L710, which has been rumored to be […]

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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III (SCH-I535) Hits the Bluetooth SIG

A few Android faithful were questioning whether or not Verizon Wireless would be stocking the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve seen Verizon’s version of the device popup in benchmarks last week but still, some were doubting (or fearful). Well, hopefully this will cast a few of those doubts aside, as the SCH-1535 has just been green […]

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Global Samsung Galaxy SIII Stops by Bluetooth SIG

When phones are announced and on the verge of release, we like to see certain things happen, one of them is a device cruising through Bluetooth SIG. Think of it like a certification process for phones that are Bluetooth enabled. It’s nothing major, but something that can be checked off the release schedule list. So […]

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