FOSS PATENTS: Samsung wins temporary stay of Galaxy Nexus ban

Good news for Samsung and Google: late in the day on Friday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued an order granting Samsung’ motion for an immediate, temporary stay of Apple’s preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The stay relates to the period of time between now and the Federal […]

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FOSS PATENTS: Samsung appeals Galaxy Nexus ban and moves to stay the injunction

As expected, Samsung’s lawyers worked hard to define their appellate strategy concerning the Galaxy Nexus injunction that was ordered on Friday afternoon Pacific Time. They just gave notice of their appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and, like in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 case, filed a motion to stay the injunction […]

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Apple seeks U.S. ban on Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1; tablet could be pulled from stores next month

Yesterday, the CEOs and chief lawyers of Apple and Samsung started their two-day court-moderated settlement talks in San Francisco. Nothing is known about how those talks went on the first day. High-profile media and news agencies reported on this meeting right before it started (Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and many others). But even […]

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