Android Guys: More Galaxy Stellar details slip out, Samsung choosing Amazon over Google Play?

For such a mid-range device, information about the Galaxy Stellar has been more abundant than usual. First we saw it in some leaked images, with the name “Jasper,” and then a leaked inventory sheet outed the Stellar name. This past Monday, we got a few more details on the device, along with several other Samsung […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III available on Amazon in US comes with a catch

If you’re itching to get your hands on Samsung’s new Galaxy S III, you may not have to wait much longer. Amazon put the phone up for pre-order on its website, with a delivery date of June 1. Priced at $800 the handset isn’t exactly something you’re going to pick up on a whim, and […]

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[UPDATED] Samsung Galaxy S3 aviable for pre order in – 599 € – charger suggests Galaxy S3 SIII – I9500

A listing for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has appeared on the German Amazon site, complete with an “Add to Cart” and “Add to Wishlist” button. Go add it to your wishlist if you want, we’ll wait. It’s not unusual to see placeholder pages for highly anticipated new electronics weeks before they are available, or even […]

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