T-Mobile Galaxy Note (SGH-T879) Gets FCC Certified?

Following the US debut of Samsung’s Galaxy Note on AT&T and its fledgling LTE service, it seems like the phone has been doing everything in its power to make it over to T-Mobile, as well. First, we heard about efforts from hackers to modify the phone’s radio software to provide some very basic T-Mobile 3G support. Later, some leaked pictures purported to show an official T-Mobile version of the Note in the works, revealed as Samsung model number SGH-T879. Tonight, that model pops-up at the FCC, upon the publication of the phone’s certification paperwork.

Just like we’d expect to see, there’s voice and 2G data coverage on the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands, with 3G on 1700MHz. Interestingly, there’s also 3G on 1900MHz, which T-Mobile has already started to use in some areas, as well as 850MHz; the latter is currently unused by T-Mobile, as far as we know. According to the docs, there’s also an NFC antenna on the battery cover.

Although we’ve been pretty confident coming into this that the T879 is the Note, there is one slightly odd bit to these documents: while the width of the Note as measured above appears to be correct, the Note should be quite a bit taller, measuring closer to 147 millimeters. Could that figure be for an internal board, and not the phone’s external dimensions? If not, something’s very wrong here.

Late last month, a leaked T-Mobile roadmap mentioned that the Galaxy Note would launch on the carrier on July 11. We haven’t learned anything new that might hope to confirm or refute that claim, but considering the phone’s FCC paperwork is now a done deal, July 11 sounds like it’s at least plausible.

From: http://pocketnow.com
Source: https://fjallfoss.fcc.gov

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