We are LIVE with new version!
Once again we made something cool, EVEN COOLER :)

Aside of the normal RC4x by Onecosmic fixes/features we’ve added:

+ system app change: Contacts.apk / T9 dialer (number -> contacts)
+ system framework fix: framework-res.apk / (gain: working WIFI / lose: deep idle)
+ system update: busubox updated from 1.8.1 to 1.19.3

+ build.prop ril path fix

+ modem changed to XXJVU (the ‘value pack’ leak one)
*** modem/baseband is changed only in I9000 release ***

+ app updated: OI File Manager 1.2-rc2

+ app added: Voodoo Control App (audio + video control)
+ app added: USB Host Controller
+ app added: NSTools (to control various kernel functions)
+ app added: Galaxy Live Wallpaper
+ app added: Genie Widget (Press)
+ app added: Car Home App
+ app added: Google Books Tablet
+ app added: Google Movie
+ app added: Google Music
+ app added: Google Docs
+ app added: Google Maps (need to confirm 2 times when log in)
+ app added: Google Street View
+ app added: Google Reader
+ app added: Google Translate
+ app added: Google Plus
+ app added: Facebook (sometimes needs a while to log in)
+ app added: Facebook Chat
+ app added: Twitter
+ app added: Sim Toolkit App
+ app added: Spirit FM (you still need to set it up mnualy)
+ app added: MX Video Player

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