Sneak peak at new Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE

What’s known so far is that there is a quad-core powered GSM international version which will be making its way to the majority of countries and an LTE version for the Korean (and presumably US) market. Due to a known incompatibility between LTE and the current crop of quad-core processor the latter version will have a dual-core processor as its heart.

I’ve always felt that the curves on the Galaxy handsets,. including the SIII international version, detract somewhat from the prestige of what is undeniably the uberphone of the moment. If Samsung could see their way clear to building a Galaxy S-designated model with an aluminium unibody and the sharp angles of the proposed Korean version’s design it would set a new benchmark for manufacturers to surpass.


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Marsie Assefa
Marsie Assefa

Hi dear sirs/Madams

My mobile is 

Model: SHV-E210L

Android Version:4.1.2

Version: E210LKLMH1

Kernel version: 3.1.31-1368056

I can't use internet in my country Ethiopia. I want your help for the update.

Many thanks

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