Samsung’s Galaxy S III reportedly notches nine million pre-orders worldwide

Wondering how the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S III is going? According to the Korea Economic Daily, an unnamed Samsung executive revealed that the followup to its previous fastest selling phone has already racked up nine million pre-orders around the world. That would put it nearly halfway to the 20 million Galaxy S II’s Samsung reported shipped back in February, and all without even officially moving a unit in the US yet. It’s not that we’re jealous of the rest of the world’s abilities to lay their cash down for some quad-core Exynos action while we wait to hear about the likely (still awesome) dual-core LTE-equipped US carrier variants due this summer, but yes — we’re jealous the rest of the world already has the option of choosing Samsung’s latest flagship phone. Once they do start shipping (assuming there’s no delays in customs) there should be plenty to go around however, as Reuters’ translation also indicates the company’s factory is already cranking out five million units every month.

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