samsung village: Samsung engineering deepens ties with Thailand, where it all began

We have shared with you here on Samsung Village news on numerous projects around the world undertaken by our Samsung Engineering affiliate. The global network of 32 countries that Samsung Engineering now boasts began to be established 20 years ago in Thailand, and today, we are going to take you to the scene of celebration of this special partnership.

Samsung Engineering’s history in Thailand dates back to 1991, when the company selected the country as the point of entry to the Southeast Asian markets. It also marked Samsung Engineering’s first step on to the global stage after having successfully established itself as the biggest provider of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services in Korea.

Since the entry into Thailand, our Samsung Engineering colleagues have successfully completed 17 major projects, including gas separation plants for PTT Public Co., Ltd. (PTT), Thailand’s biggest oil and gas company, and a cracker plant for Map Ta Phut Olefins Co., Ltd. (MOC).

Samsung Engineering’s accomplishments in Thailand, where its global expansion began

If you remember our previous post, the PTT GSP-6 project, the world’s largest gas plant, got a special recognition from major Thai clients last year, receiving the 2011 Distinguished Project Award from Project Management Institute (PMI) for completing the work well ahead of schedule and doing it without any accident.

In celebrating these remarkable achievements and the strong partnership with Thailand, a special ceremony was held on June 27 in Bangkok in attendance of dignitaries including Samsung Engineering President & CEO Park Ki-Seok and PTT CEO Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn. In a speech, Dr. Pailin reminisced about how he and Mr. Park first met 20 years ago as young engineers who shared the same vision, dream and passion.

The 20-year friendship between Mr. Park (left) and Dr. Pailin (right)

While the success of the past 20 years in Thailand gave them a plenty of reasons to celebrate, the event was made more meaningful with Mr. Park’s announcement that the role of Samsung Thai Engineering Company (STEC) will be expanded to become the EPC hub, operating independently from Samsung Engineering. The STEC’s capacity will be extended to oversee everything from business development to management of the entire chain of EPC and project management services.

Not only that, STEC will take on a role as the headquarters for all of Southeast Asia, enabling more timely and efficient execution of projects in the region. The regional headquarters will also help explore new business opportunities in neighboring countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Under the expansion plan, STEC plans to nearly triple the number of engineers to 400 by 2014 from 150 this year, and introduce various personnel and technology exchange programs to help advance Thailand’s engineering industry and create new employment opportunities. STEC also plans to expand its corporate social responsibility programs in the country. This commitment underlines Samsung’s efforts to make a contribution to the local community of the market where it operates.
“For me, 20 years went by in a blink of an eye. But one thing I will never forget was how we were received by Thailand with open arms,” Mr. Park said in a speech at the ceremony. “In turn, we will dedicate our passion, expertise and investments to the country so that we can be the most loyal partner to our Thai clients, vendors and community.”

Celebrating 20 years in Thailand and setting new vision for the future


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