[NEWS] Samsung Unveils Learning Hub for Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9 LTE and Samsung’s ‘S-Cloud’ Delayed

Social Hub, Music Hub, Readers Hub and Game Hub; these are Samsung’s hubs at the moment but today the South Korean manufacturer introduced an additional one: Learning Hub. It will be presented at next week’s MWC and will be initially available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, with support for others coming soon.

You might think Samsung took a hint from Apple (and its iBooks Textbooks) but this could go both ways. Regardless, the Learning Hub aims to bring digital textbooks and video-enabled content to Samsung tablets. The manufacturer is planning on having a library which contains more than 6,000 textbooks as well as videos from 30 content publishers, with special abilities like self-learning, automatic scoring, and note correction. What is yet unknown is whether Samsung is planning an international roll-out of the new Hub or is it a local, South Korean feature — probably to combat Apple for the market share.

Samsung are currently in the midst or trying to be more like Apple, at least that’s the theory based on their recent advertising and comments from executives, so in the same spirit they’re prepping their very own iCloud rival. The snappily titled ‘S-Cloud’ isn’t faring too well it seems, with ETNews reporting that the service is not yet ready for the global market. Samsung’s Media Solutions Centre is trying to build up the infrastructure necessary for the service by using a commercial solution from KT or perhaps Amazon. However, the heavy modifications being made to the infrastructure will almost certainly mean Samsung has to delay launch.

Via: http://pocketnow.com & http://www.mobile-review.com/ + http://samsungtomorrow.com/2293

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