Samsung Unpacked 2012 London event of three?

During last couple of days many rumors and true/fake images of new Samsung Devices was floating over internet zines and forums.
Can you imagine of what if all these rumors was true?

Let’s summarize things. We saw the HTC pushing out he’s ONE series to market, a low end ONE V, mid end ONE S and the high end ONE X devices. What if Samsung want to take over more market share from HTC by releasing the big Samsung “Three” ?

That pointed my eyes on the London Event poster that was floating over internet… take a closer look, see the big three “drops” ?

Ok, the next thing what show us the way to the Samsung “three” is leaked model numbers. We saw the i9300 on video and pictures leaked during last week, we also saw the reference to i9500 model and also the dual-band wifi spreadsheet of i9800 model.

Does the i9300 will be the “low end” , the i9500 “mid end” and i9800 “high end” response for HTC line of devices?
Is that the big “three” that Samsung want’s us to see at the London Event?

We will see :)

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