Samsung UAProf Website Reveals SM-P900 and SM-P600 Series of Tablets

During couple of last days a new models of tablets started to pop up in Samsung’s UAProf website. The SM-P900 series (SM-P900, SM-P905, SM-P901) and SM-P600 series (SM-P600, SM-P900, SM-P905) UAProf defails confirms screen resolution of 2560×1600 and SoC clocked at 1.4Ghz speed for both of series.

Looking at the speed of SoC built-in we can assume that they will pack Samsung’s own Exynos series silicon. As for connectivity, all listed models using Samsung generic naming convention which maps to : SM-P900 and SM-P600 will have 3G and WiFI, SM-P901 and SM-P601 will be WiFi only models and SM-P905 and SM-P605 will pack 3G/LTE and WiFi connectivity.

As for now, all of this new series of tablets will be powered by Android 4.2.2, but if Android 4.3 will finally and oficially arrive, they may ship with newer version of OS.

We can confirm that the model SM-P905 is already in tests, and the latest firmware version we can confirm is: P905XXEAMF6A/P905OXAUAMF6/P905XXAMF6/P905XXEAMF6A

Via SammyToday and Samsung UAProf Profiles (SM-P600, SM-P601, SM-P605, SM-P900, SM-P901, SM-P905)

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