Samsung says it sold 5m LTE phones, 2.8m Galaxy Notes in South Korea, claims 60% domestic share

Now that May has ended, Samsung Electronics has released new domestic sales figures for its LTE phones, and more specifically its Galaxy Note series.

In a press statement (in Korean), Samsung says LTE phone sales have exceeded 5 million in South Korea, and that it has shipped 2.8 million Galaxy Notes to date.

That last figure is meaningful: it shows Samsung sold almost a million Galaxy Note devices in a month, after taking just under 6 months to sell 2 million.

For your comparison: at the end of March, Samsung said it shipped 5 million Galaxy Notes (supply base) worldwide, and last week provided an update for that figure as well – it’s now at 7 million Galaxy Note sales to date.

This is one of drivers of Samsung recently overtaking Apple as the largest seller of smartphones across the world (in terms of shipments).

For more comparison: LG recently announced that it’s sold 3 million LTE smartphones to date.

According to Samsung, the latest sales figures give the company an impressive 60 percent share in the domestic mobile phone market.


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