Samsung releases GALAXY S III MP3 Player (YP-W1)

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, introduced today the Samsung MP3 Player W1, a compact and sleek MP3 player perfectly paired with Samsung GALAXY S III. With a similar look, feel and color finishto the Samsung GALAXY S III, Samsung MP3 Player W1 offers rich sound contained within a small, stylish and easily wearable casing. Users can share music files seamlessly between the Samsung GALAXY S III and Samsung MP3 Player W1 with hassle-free drag and drop.

The Samsung Samsung MP3 Player W1 is the perfect device for fitness enthusiasts and active on-the-go users looking for a compact MP3 player they can wear and use while exercising, commuting or simply wandering. It is also designed for style-conscious consumers looking for an elegantly-designed wearable player that can enhance their own lifestyle and sense of fashion.

Key Features & Benefits

• The Samsung MP3 Player W1 is a stylish, compact and lightweight device.
○ Based on the same nature-inspired design as GALAXY S III, the Samsung MP3 Player W1 sports a natural, rounded design based on the contours of a pebble, as well as an ergonomic and comfortable grip. It is easily and stylishly wearable like no other super-portable MP3 player.
○ Samsung MP3 Player W1 is available in Pebble Blue and Marble White.

• Samsung MP3 Player W1 is easy to wear and provides you with fingertip-access to around 1,000 songs on-the-move.
○ 4GB of storage enables you to store over 17 hours worth of music, meaning a huge quantity of entertainment is availble in a tiny form factor.
○ Availability of both shuffle and normal modes means that you can choose to listen to your favourite albums in order, or your favourite songs in a random sequence.

• You no longer need a PC to transfer music.
○ Your content can be easily transferred from the GALAXY S III to the Samsung MP3 Player W1, meaning that even while you’re out and about, you can still charge and update the player.
○ Using the phone connector, you can easily drag and drop files between your Samsung MP3 Player W1 and the GALAXY S III.

• Samsung MP3 Player W1 features incredible bass-rich sound featuring an enhanced SoundAlive system with bass boost, ensuring you can enjoy your music to the fullest even while exercising.

Spokesperson Quotes

“Samsung MP3 Player W1 presents a great option for outdoor enthusiasts who want an ultra-wearable MP3 player that combines style and power, as well as an easy way to transfer music between phone and player while on the go.” said Seong-Eun Kim, VP and Head of Global Product Planning Group at Samsung.

“Samsung MP3 Player W1 demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to providing products that are designed for human without compromising style, and that provide the best technology has to offer for an extraordinary user experience. With Samsung MP3 Player W1 we’re introducing an MP3 player that packs a real punch in music capacity and sound together with natural, easily wearable style.”


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Hey I am Disapoint  with MP3 YP-W1 Sound Quality is not good

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