Samsung Registers Three More Galaxy Names: Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp and Galaxy Helm

Over the past several months, we’ve been seeing Samsung register trademarks for a lot of new Galaxy-series devices. By now, it seems like the company has registered more names than it could ever hope to actually use, yet they keep on coming. Is Samsung just securing them in the hopes that it might one day want to release products under these names, or could this be the sort of concealment Apple introduced with device IDs in iOS 5, where there are just too many to know what’s real and what’s not? In any case, we’ve now got three new Galaxy names to keep an eye out for.

Samsung has filed for the trademarks on the Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp, and Galaxy Helm. As always, Samsung might sit on these names for months, or maybe never use them at all, or we could see them pop-up on some of the manufacturer’s next models to come out.

With the Galaxy S III getting ready to hit the major US carriers next month, we’ll soon be finding out just how all those different versions will be marketed. If the releases of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II were any indications, we could hope to see Samsung use quite a few of these so-far-unclaimed Galaxy names for the carrier-specific releases. Just which ones might make the cut are anyone’s guess at the moment.


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