Samsung receives a patent for PadFone like Phone to Tablet Dock Technology

Based on a patent (“Terminal for wireless communication“) originally filled in the first quarter of 2012 in Korea and awarded to Samsung couple of days ago under a D685,774 number, we can assume that this time the South Korean manufacturer is aiming ASUS in the niche market for phones that dock to a tablet / external screen. One difference between the ASUS Padfone and the device in the Samsung patent filing is in the shape of the actual device – which as you can see on pictures – is looks like “T” letter.


Phone-like device shaped like “T” letter.


Dock with “T” shaped device slide.


With this design, Samsung is able to allow its smartphone to be more easily dockable with the receptacle on the back of its tablet / external screen. The design makes it look like the slate is a stand-alone tablet and only the user will know that it is actually being powered by a smartphone.

Will Samsung challenge ASUS with a smartphone that can dock to a screen to power a tablet? time will tell ..


Via and images courtesy of Patent Bolt

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