Samsung Jasper SCH-I200 Uncovered With Snapdragon S4 for Verizon

For the moment, Samsung has us eagerly awaiting news about upcoming products on several fronts. We’ve got the Galaxy S III to look forward to learning about, assuming that’s what Samsung has in store for its May 3 event, and there are plenty of questions about just what’s going on with what we’ve been hearing about last-minute tablet hardware changes. As if our plates weren’t full enough, we’ve spotted what looks like another upcoming Samsung handset, and one with some interesting hardware, at that.

The Bluetooth SIG recently published listing details for the Samsung SCH-I200. That paperwork reveals little about the phone itself, but armed with that model number we tracked-down a GLBenchmark entry for the handset, revealing quite a bit about what we could hope to see.

It appears that the SCH-I200 is undergoing testing for Verizon as codename Jasper. The phone would arrive running Ice Cream Sandwich, and be powered by a Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 processor running at 1.5GHz – the same type used in the HTC One X on AT&T. So far, this sounds like a pretty high-end piece of gear, but then we come to the display. According to this, Jasper won’t have any kind of high-resolution 720p screen, but a WVGA component, instead.

That makes for an unusual combination of high-end and (what’s rapidly becoming) low-end hardware. As such, it’s hard to guess exactly what Samsung’s planning for this model; will it be positioned as a budget-priced Android, or could this odd configuration possibly be intended with power savings in mind? As far as how it fits into Verizon’s lineup, the phone’s model number has us thinking about phones like the Gem and the Illusion – low and mid-range phones released as the I100 and I110, respectively. Samsung’s Jasper could easily find itself bringing more modern hardware to that same mid-tier position.

Source: Bluetooth SIG / GLBenchmarks

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