Samsung Has A ‘Clear’ Windows 8 Strategy That Will Hurt Nokia

SmartHouse has been told by Samsung executives in Asia that the Company has a “very clear” strategy to take on Nokia in the Windows market. Among the Windows 8 products set to be launched are smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Just before today’s launch I spoke to a senior executive from Samsung who told me that the Company will deliver a new Windows 8 smartphone that will have a Super AMOLED screen.

While they were cautious about the processor they did admit that the new model will be “as good” as the new Galaxy S3 which was launched earlier this weekend.

The new Samsung Windows smartphone offering will be branded Focus and will sit alongside the Samsung Galaxy offering.

SmartHouse has been told the Company will also launch two Windows tablets and a Windows based Note offering.

“Microsoft still has a big installed PC base and there are a lot of Windows applications out there that consumers want to get on a portable device. Windows 8 allows us to deliver across multiple devices” the executive said.

The executive refused to be drawn on tablet sizes; however, we can confirm that the Company will have an 11″ Windows 8 tablet and possibly a 14″ device that comes with a dock and keyboard, similar to their current PC slate offering.

SmartHouse understands that the One design team who are responsible for the recent HTC One X has already developed a new Windows 8 phone that will see both HTC and Samsung go head to head with Nokia whose future is reliant on consumers buying a Nokia Windows phone as opposed to a Samsung or HTC model.

In another hint that Samsung is planning a major Window 8 assault, Windows Phone Life’s Michael Blake said that he received an email from a trusted source who said Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 smartphone will be named Samsung Focus II.

The executive that I spoke to today did not deny that the new Windows phone will be based on the Galaxy S3’s hardware and design.

“My source tells me that because of the drastic changes in the Windows Phone 8 OS, Samsung will be able to use the Galaxy S III’s faster processor, bigger and higher resolution display and of course, LTE, which will make swapping over specs into a Windows Phone device,” Blake said.

The new Samsung Windows phone will be 4G have a 4.7-inch HD display, 12 megapixel rear-facing camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, NFC capabilities, LTE faster dual-core processor, improved photo studio, Samsung Cloud Support and a dedicated camera button say sources.


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