Samsung Gear Live get’s disassembled by iFixit


Just released Samsung Gear Live – a smartwatch powered by Android Wear got torn apart by experts at iFixit. As for repariability, Gear Live scored 8 out of 10 points, and in short it is fairly easy to open, and battery can be accessed and replaced by almost anyone (but you should rely on official service center if you don’t want to loose warranty).

Gear Live (like LG G Watch) runs standard smartphone SoC – Snapdragon 400, but the most interesting part in device guts is the build-in WiFi chip (and yes, we found that SM-R382 passed WiFi Certifications some weeks ago). 

This may be a sign for us, customers that either Android Wear will gain standalone mode (will work without connection to phone) or Samsung is preparing a standalone working Gear model which was also rumored recently.

Below you can find a link to iFixit teardown. Enjoy!


Source: iFixit


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