Samsung Galaxy Tab With Dual Screen Soon?

Samsung is not done with its screen innovation. Having introduced the world to Android devices with a colorful variety of screen sizes – 4-inch (Stratosphere), 4.65″ (Nexus), 5.3″ (Note), 7″, 8.9″ & 10.1″ (Tab), Samsung may soon unveil its latest creation, a dual screen smart device.

Early this week, the leading Android device maker has received a patent for a dual screen design for a terminal for portable mobile communication. The Patent No. D658,173 was filed on April 7 2011 with Kim Dong-Hun named as the inventor.

The patented design looks like a souped-up variant of Galaxy Tab, featuring two 7-inch screens, clamshell style, and a remote controller. The controller comes in handy for, say, a business presentation. If Samsung actually produced this product, it will possibly target business users. A possible usage scenario: one screen for virtual keyboard, the other for a word processing app.


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