Samsung Galaxy S3 shows up in AnTuTu running Exynos 4212 DUAL CORE !!! – probably fake

This benchmark made us thinking again how many device we will see May 3rd … Exynos 4212 as listed below is a dual-core processor and the “Next Galaxy” is said to utilize four cores. At the moment we are unable to confirm below screen, out Antutu app is not showing such device listed, maybe the score was cleared, maybe it is a screnshot from device itself. GT-I9300 is present on site with 9th result total. Also the name of the device should Galaxy S3 not Galaxy SIII. One more week and we will be sure.

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Samsung Fanboy
Samsung Fanboy

I ran across this hilarious bit of speculation while looking for info on what's in the v4.3 update for GSIII.  He may have time, but not so many facts.  I suspect he didn't own one, or he'd have known that it's Samsung Galaxy S III, and not S3.  Heh.

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