Samsung Galaxy S III in Marble White to be available on May 31
Pebble Blue in second week of June in India

Samsung’s Galaxy S III India launch is just four days away and we are getting more information about the launch details. The latest tidbit comes from Flamboyz, which has its hands on the coupons Samsung is sending to those who had pre-booked the Galaxy S III.

According to the coupon, the Galaxy S III will be available on May 31 itself but with a caveat. Samsung would only have stocks of the device in Marble White on the day of launch. Those who have pre-booked the Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue can either pick up the Marble White variant or wait till the second week of June when the Pebble Blue version is expected to be available.

We are always fascinated how companies in India expect people to pre-book a device by paying a token amount without revealing the exact price that they are supposed to pay. Also, in our experience, those who pre-book a device end up paying higher than the street price that other retailers would eventually sell the device.

Have you pre-booked the Galaxy S III? If so, what are your thoughts about this practice? Let us know in the comments.


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