Samsung Galaxy Folder (SHV-E400) is about to be released in Korea


(SCH-W2013 – Jackie Chan clamshell phone)


With all Samsung Galaxy Family of devices there was one tiny place to fill and that most companies forgotten about – a clamshell device. And Samsung responded to all people who want a traditional shape of phone combined with current smart technologies – the answer is Galaxy Folder (SHV-E400) clamshell smart phone.

New Galaxy device will be powered by Dual-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC of unknown speed (yet), also uknown type of 800×480 display and LTE support. Device will run on latest Android Jelly Bean OS (4.2.2) with new type of UI,┬áprepared specially for clamshell device.

Upcoming headset is set to replace the older model introduced in 2012 – which is SCH-W2013, a Jackie Chan Smartphone. A new Galaxy Family member will most probably hit the Korean stores in August.

We are keeping our eye on this device, and will report any additional details if found. Stay tuned!


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