Samsung Free form 4 by U.S Cellular (SCH-R390) QWERTY cell phone

With the Samsung Freeform® 4, family and friends are always as close as your phone. You can talk and text, of course – it’s especially easy with the user-friendly QWERTY keyboard and messaging shortcut keys. You can also keep up with your social circle by checking your Twitter® feed, updating your Facebook® status or posting photos or videos, thanks to the built-in social networking integration.

With the Freeform 4, you’re always free to customize, modify and make it your own. Choose your menu style, pick a wallpaper and, thanks to US Cellular’s easyedge℠, you have your choice of a wide selection of fun and functional apps and games.

When you have the Freeform 4, you’ll always have a great camera with you. And a video recorder. And a music player. And with up to 32GB of memory, you won’t have to leave any of our favorite photos, videos or music behind.

Specs are as follows:


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