Samsung Electronics hosts Innovative Technology exhibition

Samsung Electronics last month hosted the Innovative Technology Exhibition where companies including its parts suppliers in and out of the country showcased their innovative technologies.

A total 62 companies participated in this year’s exhibition, a remarkable increase from last year’s 39 firms. Many of Samsung Electronics’ executives, including Vice Chairman and CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon, attended the Oct. 18 exhibition held at Samsung’s complex in Suwon, Korea.

CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon looking attentively at various technologies on display

The exhibition – held for the third time this year – gives smaller parts companies opportunities not only to display their accomplishments but also to seek business partnerships with Samsung Electronics. It is widely acclaimed as a successful model that promotes mutual growth of partner companies.

“Securing technologies has become more important in global competition for both large and small companies,” CEO Kwon said during his visit to the event.

The exhibition is in line with an initiative Samsung Electronics launched in 2009 to help smaller firms with outstanding technologies and capabilities grow to become Samsung’s partners.

Every year, a network of selected companies with innovative technologies gets technical support from Samsung Electronics to nurture these technologies into real business opportunities. They also get a chance to work jointly with Samsung on projects.

These efforts stem from Samsung’s commitment to ensuring co-prosperity with customers, business partners and the local community. In April 2011, nine of our affiliates including Samsung Electronics and Samsung C&T signed a co-prosperity pact with partners and suppliers to provide financial and technology support, improve business terms and offer consulting.

As we continue with our efforts for common growth with our partners and to spur innovation in the industry, we will share more exciting news on this front!


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