Samsung Electronics Celebrates its 43rd Anniversary

Samsung Electronics celebrated its 43rd anniversary with Vice Chairman Oh-Hyun Kwon along with 400 high ranking executives and employees attended for the ceremony. Long Term Service and Exemplary staff was recognized at the ceremony. Vice Chairman Kwon delivered the message, “unprecedented changes have hit the electronics industry as the global economic recession is widely expected to stay longer.” He had also emphasized, “The complacency over current achievement and failure to sharpen the competitive edge will bring us down at any moment.”

“With the global economy continuously expected to see low growth, the electronics industry has met huge changes which we have never experience in the past,” said the company’s chief executive Kwon Oh-hyun. “If we stay satisfied with our current results and don’t gain future competitiveness, we will collapse before we even realize it.”

In what he called “Vision 2020,” Kwon said Samsung must become a global top 5 brand, which is aspired to by others.

He also said the firm must concentrate on improving the competitiveness of software and future growth engines, becoming a market creator that projects new values.

The third factor emphasized by Kwon was establishing a creative organizational culture and nurturing talented employees to work on their own initiative.


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