S Pen SDK 2.2 for GALAXY Note series!

Download the Samsung GALAXY Note S Pen SDK 2.2 now!
– Advanced interactions redefine your user experience

The latest version of the S Pen SDK for the Samsung GALAXY Note is now available to download. Apps developed with the new S Pen SDK can interact with the S Pen even when it is not in contact with the Note. The combination of Hovering, Side Button and Pen Gesture can re-define the way a user interacts with the device, allowing you to deliver many new innovative UX scenarios.
Download the SDK at

[English] http://developer.samsung.com/android/spen.sdk
[Chinese] http://developer.samsung.com/cn/android/spen.sdk
[Korean] http://developer.samsung.com/kr/android/spen.sdk

New/Updated in S Pen SDK 2.2

NEW UX Scenario: Let your app interact with the S Pen while hovering over the GALAXY Note
– Updated SPenEventLibrary enables S Pen recognition with no physical contact (Hovering).
– S Pen can call Hover Pointer Icon (i.e. Pen, Text, Color Picker, Color filing) with preset.

Context Awareness: Launch pre-defined features while the S Pen/Earphone is used.
– The package information of the apps used can be recognized while the S Pen
is detached or the Earphone is attached to the device.
– A newly added SPenDetachmentListener, recognizes when the S Pen is detached.
Note: This listener does not support the original GALAXY Note

Easier & Expanded Drawing: Advanced features for your creative apps
– ‘Calligraphy Brush’ has been added to pen input; 5 brushes in total.
– Color filling features enable users to fill with the color selected at SettingView.
– Improved SettingView function and UI; More Pen presets, New Fonts, Mini SettingView
– Special Effects; 33 types of Image Effects including the Scratch Effect
– Images from SCanvasView can be cut/copied/pasted using Clipboard

In addition, it’s not too late to join the Samsung Smart App Challenge, the largest app competition ever. In the ‘Best S Pen Apps’ category, entries will be scored on their creativity and originality and the 20 apps with the best S Pen functionality will be awarded with up to $200,000 in cash prizes. For more detailed information, please visit the official website of the Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012.

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